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Guys looking for a teaching job. I'm currently finishing my TEFL and looking for a job. My degree from university was a History major so I would love a job teaching history but if that not possible be happy teaching English. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Arguably, one of the easiest fields to get into in Vietnam because they always want more staff.

If you look on Craigslist, there are several jobs posted a day looking for teachers, so get applying and fill your boots.

I'd only apply if you're already in Vietnam and judging by your profile I think you are.

Good luck.

There are numerous Facebook sites that advertise jobs.



There's big demand for English teachers throughout VN, not so much for History teachers unless you have a teaching license.

Another site is http://vietnamteachingjobs.com/

You should be aware that demand is lower from now until after Tet (Lunar New Year). Things start picking up again around May for the peak time in the summer.

It's still possible to find work now though, so have a look. You can contact schools before you arrive in Vietnam to start corresponding and to see which one seem like good prospects. Then, when you arrive you should already have a few interviews tentatively scheduled.

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