Denmark v/s Sweden

What are your thoughts for Denmark v/s Sweden?

Please comment based upon the following things:
1) Best cities to live in?
2) Economy
3) Living Standard
4) Climate
5) Tax structure
6) Pay Structure

A little help?


1) I would say some of the small cities around copenhagen. Like Roskilde, Nallerup, Herlev and so on. In Sweden I would say the northern parts of Sweden like Ostersund, Lulea, Haparanda.
2) I beleive the've got quite a good economy. However houses and appartments are expensive. I beleive they've got a better economy then sweden currently.
3) Also the living standard is higher then most other countries. And Sweden.
4) Climate is better in Denmark but the air is much cleaner in sweden. especially in the northern parts.
5) Tax structure is slightly easier to understand in sweden then Denmark.
6) Pay structure is also easier to understand in sweden then Denmark.

It is such an interesting topic!

Nice observations,   good to know!!

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