Compulsory pension

Hi Guys

i will be moving to Bali soon and i have been told that there is a compulsory pension  scheme  that ex pats have to contribute too - is this true and if so what is the % and can you take this with you when you leave?



The only one I’m aware of that you have to make a contribution to (I’m sure others on here can offer more sound advice) is the BPJS it’s a health insurance etc and it’s a requirement by myself and employer as I work out of a Jakarta office I think it’s about 2/3% and your employer Also makes contributions
When my  last job came to an I could claim it all back or a large part of it including employers contributions, I can’t remember the exact figures but when you claim it back I seem to remember the first Rp100,000,000? is tax free then 5 or 10% tax over that takes about 4-6 weeks to hit your nominated account away from Indonesia.
You need to have your KITAS cancelled etc and best to use an agent (no cost if using the employers one)

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