Household Goods Availablity in Jubail


We are moving to Jubail and are allowed 300 pounds of shipped household items. I will be packing for myself and my husband.

Are appliances like electric mixers and food processors hard to find, or more expensive in Jubail?
As the cook my kitchen items are important  shall I bring all the kitchen gadgets or can I purchase them there easily?

Also, if I travel outside of the Kingdom can I purchase items elsewhere for our personal use and bring them into the KSA?

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Hi again Holly, electric appliances are not difficult to get - except maybe for some specialty brands. Google "Extra Store Saudi" and have a look at the range they have in their online store - they will have the typical range/brand that you would expect to find around here.

Maybe you want to consider bringing along some of your go-to appliances, and purchase the rest here? Anyhow, it is possible to purchase appliances and bring them into Saudi when you are traveling outside.

So in conclusion - you will be up-and-running as the cook in no time!

Thank you Modjo! Appreciate the reply!

Hello. Everything is available in Saudi market. For prices you can check from " extra store" website.

Thank you for rhe reply!

hi ....

everything you mentioned easily available in Saudi market ... in jubail you can visit LuLU Hyper Market , Extra Strores , Eddy Stores also some local shops for electrical appliances ...

For Grocery shopping Hyper Panda is best ( new offers on every weekend)

online shopping

sim cards ( Zain is quite cheap with internet packages)

Good Luck

Thank you for your expanded reply Mr. Musman! My husband will be there soon. I look forward to joining him soonest! Your advice makes it easier to anticipate what we need to bring, and it sounds like most all can be acquired there. I am quite resourceful usually so it adds to the fun of a new experience.
Cheers! Ron and Holly

good luck for new start and if your husband need any help ask him to contact me

my email and number is available in profile details

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