Hoping to return to The Netherlands!

Hi everyone!

I lived in The Netherlands for a few years doing research, but moved back to the States to start a family.  Now my husband and I really want to move back to The Netherlands.  We're currently working through the process and trying to figure it all out.  It's a lot more complicated now with 3 big dogs and our 12yo daughter.  Easier to hop over with it was just me. :)

I've been teaching high school science here in the States for the past 10 years and I'd really love to find a teaching position over there.  I'm currently taking an IB course to get my certificate to teach DP level science.  My focus is Biology and Astronomy. 

We're preferring to rent something, but with 3 big dogs, that will be a challenge.  We need a small yard space and stairs that they can handle, but we're flexible on location.  Although we would love the center of Amsterdam, we know finding a first floor there will be a challenge.

It's an exciting and whirlwind time, but we're all really digging in, making lists and trying to find solutions.  Glad to find this group!  Any advice or tips on finding dog-friendly housing and/or teaching in The Netherlands would be very welcome!


Hi Laura and welcome to the Forum. :)

To begin with, at the top of the page is a link to our Handy Tools section, select that and you'll get access to our Expat Guides which will help you in planning your journey.

Some other points:

Teaching.  If you want to "teach" anywhere in the EU, then you will need to make sure your qualification will be accepted; in Holland, this is regulated by the NUFFIC  organisation; this link will take you to their website where you can follow up on that.

Languages.  You (and your family) will need to learn Dutch; yes, most people can understand English, but life around you will be in Dutch.

Dogs.  You need to make sure that you declare the dogs when you are looking for rental accommodation as lots of landlords don't allow pets.

Amsterdam.  Lovely city but mind-blowingly expensive, you'll get more house for your $, the further away from Amsterdam you live.

Cost of living.  The Numbeo website provides information regarding this; this link will take you there.

Once you've been through our Expat Guides, if you have any further specific questions, please come back to us.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Thank you for all of the information!  I'm currently gathering information about the teaching requirements, but getting responses is slow.  I'll try to group you suggested.  I know quite a bit of Dutch, but it's been a while.  I'll have to take some refresher classes so I can speak it better and more completely.  I would say right now I'm at the polite beginner level.  My daughter is excited to learn!  My husband will be tough.  Having lived there before, I'm quite familiar with the area and culture.  I've lived in Amsterdam and The Hague, so we're looking in those areas and in between the two, we're pretty open.  It will most likely depend on where I can teach or which school we can get our daughter into.

Thanks again!

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