I have lived in Portugal for ten years. I originally came from England and worked for a communications company for 24 years prior to retiring. I like to write and have had a book published, called The Wolf and The Sorceress - The King's Magician. My publisher (the kind that you pay to help them get the books everywhere) only told the shops in England about my book and they listed it , but never stocked it. If you go into a bookshop and don't see a book, you can't buy it. It was on Amazon and I have had good results from there. Now three years on due to lack of sales the publisher says, they have closed my account down. I am now in the process of finding a new publisher, one that will promote my story into a best seller. It has had good crits. from the people who bought on Amazon, and people I know who bought it want to know about the next story - there will be five books if I can get them published. I
am not looking for a job, it is great just doing what I want when I want. The name I am using belongs to the heroine of my story.

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