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I am trying to obtain a copy of a birth certificate concerning a relatively recent birth in Jakarta. It was suggested I contact the office of the Catatan Sipil in Jakarta, but that is a bit difficult as I am not in Indonesia right now. It is possible that the birth has not yet been registered, I'm not sure by when after a birth this must be done. Obviously the RS will have a record, but not sure if this info would be available to a third party. Is there an online registry one might access at some point?

If I cannot organize this from outside Indonesia, are there any firms that can obtain this info on my behalf?

Thanks for any help


The birth certificate is applied for when you have a document proving birth from a doctor at the hospital it was born in. That document includes footprints and specific information.
You take that to the local Catatan Sipil and they issue a birth certificate within a week or two.
I believe there is a time limit but I'm unsure how long that is.
You need to produce a bunch of documents and sign the application so it has to be made in person.
Copies can be made but can be hard work to get.

Thanks Fred - quick off the mark as usual  :)

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