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Hi everyone
Got a house on samui where we know there is not a huge choice of furniture. Looked at websites for Phuket and Chiang Mai but still at a loss. Looking for contemporary style furniture at a reasonable price of good quality. Any recommendations please?  Or is it better to have furniture made in samui?
We often see very heavy wooden pieces which would not fit in with our house.
Thanks in advance

Check out  theres always foreigners moving home and selling everything at cheap prices or
Good luck

Just a comment:

With new furniture the closer you get to western style, the higher the price. If you visit an Index store you will see it for yourself. My one time observation in Index is that just because it's western style does not mean that it is western quality. As an ex wood worker, I look at joints, or joinery, when looking at furniture. I saw a lot of fiberboard (pressed sawdust) with poor and weak joints.

But I understand that there is an Ikea in Bangkok and they do ship. Prices are not as pleasant as in the states but I do "think" that quality is comparable to states side products.

I wood love to get into building furniture here (Shiply or Shaker style) but I woulodn't be able to get a work permit nor could I charge appropriate prices. There's also the problem of getting wood in Thailand.

Thanks for your help. Not really into ikea either

Dear wendy
Maybe something you not think about
Buy antique
Also good when you move and wan,t to sell again
There are also in phuket europe antique dealers
We have shop and holesale in udon thani
But maybe to far for you
Regards peter
Jacobus antique
See facebook , klik banner jacobus

For contemporary style furniture of good quality you are going to be paying a quality price,  at least in my experience.

I would go to Bangkok and have furniture shipped from there.  Most big shopping malls have an entire floor dedicated to furniture.

I would definitely stay away from antiques .

Dear Wendy, as an interior designer working in Bangkok specialised to furnish condo's and houses with all decoration too,  I recommend you to buy furniture here and let them ship to Samui, at the end of the day if you are gonna buy  more than one sofa or one table can be convenient, and you have all choices in terms of quality and prices, from cheap stuff to more expensive and quality goods. Good luck.

Thanks everyone ‘

In Thailand there is a lot of "Private" Furniture shop on the street / side roads.
I imagine samui have some all so.
This is great place to get Furniture for spot price.

Beside our bedroom, Everything else we buy for our house, Is from "Private" Furniture shops.
The Furniture we buy 7 years ago when i first move to Thailand we still have, So quality are more then fine.

I like that if one buy for 25k-30k and up, One can a good discount.
We look at Furniture for 36.000 baht when we move to our house here in Bang Saen.
I say 30.000 baht, Answer was NO, no room for discount, No money for their kids to go to school and so on, Normal Thai way trying to get one to pay full price.
I show them 30.000 baht, And ask okay ?
Answer No No.
We leave shop, And ofcause Their come running and say to us, Come back, price okay.
He he that the way it is here in Thailand. :-)

Their all so have free delivering, assemble our Furniture at our home for free.
So win win win. :-)

Lazada webpage have Furniture, And their deliver for free too your adresses.

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