I plan to move in Nairobi the end of this year

Hello Expat of everywhere,

I am new in this Forum and I plan to move in Nairobi the end of this year.

I am a worker woman alone with a son of 11 years old and I take with a nice welcome all advices of my new immigration of this beautiful country...

So if you have few minutes to send me messages, I will be very happy to read you!

Take good care and hurry to meet news friends in Kenya 🇰🇪...

Luce from Nice/France

Karibu kenya

Welcome Luce,

You will enjoy so much as I am here, very nice country, friendly people, the only think you need to start to arrange it is accommodation, not easy to find something good so I would ask in Nairobi expats  housing at Facebook from now. and if you are going to stay for long time I would go for unfurnished apartment, cheap and better. Also take into consideration one bedroom apartment its nearly impossible here, very rare to be honest so I guess you can end up with 2 bedroom. if you need support in this point I am happy to help you.

Good luck.

Bienvenue Lucie. nous vous souhaitons la bienvenue au pays des eaux fraîches, nairobi

Hey welcome to nairobi.
It's a beautiful city but busy as well.
There is a lot to see and visit.
I hope you and your son will love this city.

beautiful country.. beautiful people.. is there any specific advice you're looking for? :)

Welcome to this beautiful city,
First of all you will be required to check and ensure your travel documents are in order,book in for a hotel have been placed to ensure you abel to get accomodation thereafter

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