Is that possible to get the person who can help on Job offer search

My Name Is Yoseph and I am just 28, I am Ethiopian but living in Italy since 2015. I have BSc degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and I will be graduating my MSc degree in Telecommunications Engineering by March from University of Trento Italy. I am single and never married.I passed through different websites and finally decided to leave a message here. I hope I might get solution from here since a lot of people share their valuable experience.

Here is what I am looking for:  I will be very happy if I get job offer with my specialization which is called Networking or any related areas. I will be taking my IELTS exam after few days to raise my level. For now it might be very difficult to get Job offer by my profession since I am not in Canada but I am looking if there is anyone who can show me ways. I will be looking forward your kind support. I am very happy to communicate anytime.

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