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Apologies I am new to the forum thing, so if I get it wrong forgive me.

I have just sold my house in the UK and am looking to retire to Miri, Sarawak.  My limited understanding for Sarawak is that an MM2H Agent cannot act as a sponsor but can find me one, also that I have to be present for my application to be heard.

Any way I can find my own sponser?

Do I have to be present for my application?

Advice will be gratefully received

Thanks Ian

You don't need to find a sponsor if you want to participate in the mm2h program

If you want to save tons of money, don't go through an agent, the procedure is pretty simple, just follow the guidelines n requirements mentioned in the mm2h site, and forward the documents to the mm2h office, once its approved, they will inform you,then you come to Malaysia and proceed with rest of the process, medical, bank guarantee etc
I don't think with mm2h, you can stay in Miri, as Miri is in Sarawak which is east malaysia, mm2h only entities to stay in west Malaysia, unless the rules have changed or unless there is a similar program for Sarawak

Hi Caesar
Thank you. It's only from what I saw from a quick look at the documentation will have a better read in the morning. Thanks again Ian

You just need 2 local sponsors to sign your personal bond

Hi Shehajaz

Just a word of warning - it's a different MM2H visa bprocess/conditions to live in East Malaysia than West Malaysia. http://www.smm2h.com/faqs.html

2.What is the difference between MM2H and Sarawak MM2H?

The difference between the MM2H and Sarawak MM2H is the application procedure that an applicant has to go through. Apart from that, the terms and conditions under this 2 program is slightly different from each other. (Please refer to our application criteria)

4.Do I need to be in Malaysia for the application of MM2H program?

MM2H: No.
Sarawak MM2H: Yes.

5.How long does it take for my MM2H application to be processed and approved?

MM2H: 3 to 4 months
Sarawak MM2H: 4 weeks

6.When should I open up my Fixed Deposit account?

MM2H: After receiving the letter of Conditional Approval.
Sarawak MM2H: Before submitting the application.

7. What are the documents that I will need to provide for the MM2H application?

Letter of Application (by applicant/ MM2H company);
A copy of resume by the main applicant which includes the following information;
* Academic qualification
* working experience
*skills or expertise acquired
One (1) copy of MM2H Application Form - can be downloaded from MM2H website;
Note: Applicant and all the dependents have to complete the Form individually.
Three (3) copies of IM.12 Form (Social Visit Pass );
Note : Applicant and all dependants have to complete the Form individually.
Four (4) coloured passport size photographs;
Copy of Passport/Travel documents ( all pages) with certification on the pages with personal particulars;
Note : Copy of previous passport is required if applicant/ dependant(s) has renewed his/her passport within the last 12 months..
Letter of Good Conduct from relevant government agency ;
Self declaration on your/ dependants health conditions - Form can be downloaded from MM2H website;
Certified copy of Marriage Certificate ( if accompanied by spouse );
Certified copy of Birth Certificate/legal documents ( if accompanied by children/adopted children/step children/parents );
* For applicants with chidren nearing the age 21 , they must submit their applications at least 6 months before their children reaches the age of 21.
*Letter of Confirmation from Medical Specialist/General Practitioner (if accompanied by disabled children above 21 years old);
* Statutory Declaration by principal applicant to bear all expenses and financial requirements for dependents during their stay in Malaysia ;
Certified copy (s) of latest 3 months’ bank statements /other related financial document (s) to indicate the financial capability to support stay in Malaysia based on the financial requirement for each category;
Latest 3 months’ certified copies of pay slip / income statement ( If employed)/ pension slip etc;
Authorization Letter from applicant to Malaysia My Second Home Centre to verify the financial documents with the relevant financial institutions;
A copy of Personal Bond, certified copy of Fixed Deposit certificate,Medical Insurance policy and medical report

8. I have been staying in Malaysia for years. Can I apply for MM2H?

Yes, provided you have a valid Social Visa at the point of application and are able to fulfill all the requirements as per our MM2H CheckList. The application can be done by the MM2H Agent while you are in Malaysia.

Hi Gravitas
Many thanks, will be using the link to get all the details I need.

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