Unpaid Loan and Exit from KSA

Dear Readers,

Please provide with the confirmed status of the subject query that i have. As an expat, i was working in a financial co and when things were stable i took loan which was around SR 120,000. Successfully i was able to pay till i reach a balance of SR 78,000/-. However as an expat life is highly uncertain, my Management suddenly decided to sack few employees without giving any chance to negotiate. I have been unemployed for 2 months now and just to brief i have to pay monthly SR 3000 as Installment. Having said this, on the other hand for 2 months i have been trying to get another job but so far all efforts went in vain. Had i continued with the same job or get another job with nominal salary package, i am still willing to pay off the loan but situation is running out of my hand as time is slipping.

Now my previous employer has given me time till mid of Dec to either opt for transfer to another co or go on exit. Considering the current market scenario, it is difficult to grab an opportunity.

I have already checked with my HR and he said loan will not have an impact of me going on exit. On the other hand, End of Service will help in reducing loan balance to SR 50,000 approximately.

My Question is will be as follows:
1 - Will there be a problem at airport related to immigration?
2 - If i travel to any GCC Country in future will that be a problem (even if it is a transit)?
3 - What impact will such due loan have when i immigrate to maybe New Zealand / Australia / USA?
4 - Will i be contacted in my home country to collect the balance amount?

Kindly answer the above with detailed response as it will give me some sigh of relief.

Please reply to the above query. Thanks,

It is waste of being in such as forum where no one responds irrespective of the urgency.

Dear Imran,
Hope this msg finds you well, just wanted to check were you able to exit without any problems at airport or immigration.. please forward me your LinkedIn profile, may be I can help you finding job in finance company or banks


You will not get a final exit visa with the loan unpaid. If you leave on a normal travel visa you will not be able to return. Whether they can get hold of your money outside of KSA is an unkown but I would not take the chance.

I have pending loans in riyadh which is in 2009, now i have to go to jeddah for work purpose.. And i want to check in absheer but I forgot my iqama number.. Somebody please help/ advice to check in absheer without iqama number or how to get my old iqama number

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