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We are planning to move to CR soon, and expect to have our second child there. Can anyone share details of what maternity coverage looks like under CAJA, and what items are cheaper/ make sense to bring from the US vs buying in CR? We have lots of hand-me downs from our first child, but don't want to take more than we need when we move. Some of the things we're wondering about: electric breast pump crib carseats pack & play cloth diapers Any experiential advice on having a baby in CR would be appreciated!

Are you already pregnant?  My understanding is it take quite awhile to get on CAJA. I could be wrong.

That aside, public hospitals in CR have a close to 80% c-section rate.  Many do not allow husbands in for the birth.  Some still tie your legs down.  You will be laboring in a communal room with many other women in labor.  I’m not trying to scare you, just presenting the birth picture at public hospitals in CR. If you are set on a hospital birth, I would go to a private one.  There are also options of birthing in a casita close to the hospital with doctor or midwives or slim possibility of home birth, depending on where you live

Everything you need for the baby, you can get in CR but again, depending on where you will be loliving it could be very difficult and expensive to get. If you are shipping stuff down, I would bring all my own baby stuff. 

If you want any more information, email me at. labup[at]    I am a birth support person working in CR.

Thank for the response, @labup. I'm not pregnant yet, and don't plan on getting pregnant at least until after I have a contract secured, and most likely, not until after we move. But we do want another child, so that is the plan.

I've been advised that my contract for work may include shipping, so I'd like to bring things that would be cheaper to get in the US, or of better quality. We have a beautiful crib that can convert to a toddler bed if we get the conversion kit, but I've heard that you can get well-made wooden furniture for good prices there, so we've been on the fence about taking it. Because my contract would involve a work visa, I'd assumed I would be under CAJA through my employment status. Is that incorrect?

If I am able to be covered CAJA, do they provide breast pumps? I have a great electric pump, but would donate it here if I won't need it in CR.

I would love to talk to you more, as I'm also interested in becoming a birth worker. :-)

Hola,if you plan on having your baby through the caja,you will be going to a public hospital,not a good experience.I recommend a private hospital.We have had two children this way and we paid around $1400 each time with a private room,everything included.Dr Walbin Sanchez in Liberia is the best.pure vida...

Please email me. Let’s talk. :)

Surffeaver:  Was that at Clinical Hospital San Rafaél Arcángel?

I agree with the comments above.

Your location will determine where you choose to have your baby.

I also recommend the San Rafaél Arcángel if you live around this area, otherwise would advise you to choose one of the private hospitals around San Jose, such as Hospital  Biblica, CIMA or Hospital La Católica.

Forgot to mention that CAJA does not provide breast pumps.

Buenos Dias,yes that was Hospital San Rafael Arcangel.The ph.number is 506 2690 5500   2666 1717,y our doctor was Dr. Walbin Sanchez. Buena suerte!

Thank you all for the information! We'll keep the breast pump, along with everything else baby-related that is reasonable to ship. I've heard the same San Jose hospitals recommended, but am glad to have recommendations from Liberia, since we don't know yet where we will end up. I'm anticipating it will be closer to San Jose, though.

I'm seeing Dr. Gonzalez in the San Rafael Clinic but apparently they offer only c-sections only, no natural births as no team 24/7 available. May I ask you if you had a c-section for 1400$?

Buenas Tardes,when we had our children there the cost was $1400 for a c-section.Our last one was born in 2006,so not sure what it would cost in 2019.I can say that the care is equal to that of any top hospital in the U.S. or Canada,pura vida...

Thanks for the clarification @Surffeaver. That is exactly the issue with San Rafael, they do only c-sections, no natural births :-S

Pura Vida...

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