Buy Mifi in Jordan

Hi, i want to buy a Mifi that is not associated to only one Network, i want a one that can work with all 3 networks in Jordan or even outside Jordan (if i used the right sim card)

could anyone tell me where to get a good price for mifi ? i tried to google, found Tp Link Mifi 4G for 85 JOD, is there any better price out there in Jordan ?

Thanks :)

I can't comment on Jordan but I would suggest, if they have these things out there, you're most likely to find a cheap unit in electronics malls rather than proper shops.
There are a hundred Chinese made products available that are unlocked to any network and work perfectly well.

U mean buy a used unit ?
Or buy a locked mifi n then unlock it ?

Can you explain how it works?

As I've never been to that country I can't be specific to conditions there but I am familiar with the units.
Many carriers from lots of countries have them made (Commonly in China) but these things find themselves sold as unlocked units all over the world, very likely where you are included.
My two were made for UK and Australian companies respectively but they were bought here, brand new and boxed but unlocked and open to any of GSM network.
One is way out of date now as it's incapable of speeds about 3mbps but the newer one is bang up to date and runs well.
ZTE make a lot of these things so, assuming your country doesn't restrict sales, you'll probably find them on sale in electronic geeks type shops or malls but are unlikely to be found in consumer electronics shops.

Primadonna :

Can you explain how it works?

Basically it's a small modem that accepts a SIM card with a data package, then connect to your computer by USB or wifi.
Very handy bits of kit for mobile internet.

Some will also allow SMS and voice calls but some are data only. Mine will use SMS but only the USB stick version I have will allow voice calls on the mobile network.

i was hoping of more a place recommendation to buy the mifi but Thanks Fred , i appreciate your help :)

Try to ask the guy in ACTION MOBILE,located in second circle.

he can give you useful information regarding this.

Thanks Kate29 :)

I found a store selling tp link mifi at a better price than smartBuy

It is for 50 JOD n 60 JOD Depending on model

Thought i would share it with you

You can find anything related to electronics and yes for MIFI at Jordan Price, their shop is in Shmeisani, Amman, follow the following link for google map; … 35.8997604   
Following is their Facebook page: … =bookmarks
You can find MIFI starting from 40JDs I think, best of Luck.
Tariq Rahim

Thanks Tariq for your help, i really appreciate itm i contacted them and they had Tp Link Mifi model M7300 for 60 JOD, GTS had the same model for 50 JOD
i ended up buying a better model (Tp Link M7350) which has on display screen for 60 JOD

Thanks again

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