How to check the status of EP?

I'm from India. I got a job as a software developer in an MNC in Singapore. two days back HR told me that EP is in progress. How to check the status of EP? and Do we get any mail when the company applies for EP?  Usually how much time it will take to get approval? 

They are offering 6k per month and I have 2 years experience in Software development. I've graduated from a premier institute from India.  I want to resign from the current company I'm working and I want to take a break but If EP doesn't get approved I'll be unemployed.  Should I wait till EP get approved?  or  Can I resign and take a break till EP gets approved?

Congratulations, you got a very good salary offer for your limited work experience!
You can check the application status in the EPOnline system on MoM's website. For this, you need your FIN number, which is issued (and the employer informed about it) about a week after submission.
You personally do not get emails or other notifications about the application, only the employer does, as they are the applicants.
You should only resign before approval if you can take the risk of having no job in case of EP rejection.
EP application processing currently takes 1 - 3 months.

I got the approval yesterday. It took nearly 20 days to get the approval :)

Thanks to beppi, Surya, and other team members.

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