Renting a house in Dalat

Hello folks,

My name is Michel and I plan to live in Dalat, renting a house or a villa, from beginning of February / March 2018. I am looking for House informations in/or around Dalat.

I'll be in Dalat 2 last weeks december 2017.

Would you know somebody able to give me a few advices in this field?

The House in Dalat, unfurnished, would need to have 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms + kitchen + living room + dining room + laundry room + parking. Surface 120 to 160 square meters. Budget 9 to 10 mil. VND/month. Should renovation be done, this would be under the responsibility of the owner.

Thanking you in advance for your help.

Hi Michael,
I’ve been living in Dalat for the 4 months.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Do you want to live in the town centre or one of the outlying districts?

How long do you plan to be in Da Lat?

My wife (Giang) and I have an unfurnished house that we are currently renovating. Not sure it’s what your after as it will only have on bathroom I think.

I think there are lot’s of places to rent here, but many are advertised outside the house. I thing Giang might be able to help you find somewhere and she has great local knowledge and will get a better price as she is Vietnamese.

Let us know if we can help and good luck!
Best wishes,

Hello Michael,

I will pm you soon.

I plan to stay in Da Lat for many years to come.

I don't mind Dalat city our outside as long as it answer my needs:
1) Unfurnished.
2) 3 bedrooms.
3) 2 bathrooms.
4) Kitchen + Living Room + Dining Room.
5) Laundry room.
6) Parking.
7) Surface 120 to 160 square meters.
8) Budget 9 to 10 mil. VND/month without Utilities.
9) Should renovation be done, this would be under the responsibility of the owner.

In addition, the owner will allow us to check the red book and to legalize the leasing contract.

Best wishes,



I shall be in Dalat from dec 23rd to 31st.

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