Anyone Looking for a Job?

I follow a few Expat forums and it surprises me how many people are looking to the members of the forum seeking help with finding a job.  Very few forum members, if any, will be able to help you find a job.  And, I would think it would be very difficult for someone to move to a foreign country and then get a work visa without having an employer's help.

I am retired now, but when I did work overseas, my company took care of the work visa for me before moving overseas.  My best advice would be to check the JOBS tab at the top of this page or try to google for jobs in the country you're looking to move to, but don't expect any forum members to be able to help you find a job.  Good luck to all...

Kindly, Zeus

Best post i have seen for a long time . Well said Zeus.

I figure anyone asking forum members for help finding a job, stands a snowball’s chance in hell of finding a job in Thailand.  That is not necessarily a bad thing, however.  Not everyone is suited for the life of an expat.

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