Dependent Pass in process, apply Tourist Visa?

Dear friends,

I'm happy and excited to start a new life, moving to Singapore next month. However, my wife's Dependent Pass seems to be taking longer than expected. Would it be okay to apply for a tourist visa on parallel? Would it affect the outcome of the the DP?

thanks a lot!

Congrats, it won’t have an impact. Most cases EP and S pass holders (Basic monthly salary must have $5000 or above) bring their spouses on visit pass, while DP application still pending.

That's a relief, thank you surya2k!

Update: DP got approved in 2 days, so this is a moot question now. :)
But thank you, Surya2k!

surya2k :

Congrats, it won’t have an impact. Most cases EP and S pass holders (Basic monthly salary must have $5000 or above) bring their spouses on visit pass, while DP application still pending.

For your information: Salary threshold to get DP for direct family members (spouse, kids) will increase to S$6000/month from January 2018, while the one for other dependents (e.g. parents) remains at S$10000/month.


My wife is with me @ Singapore in tourist visa. My salary update request is pending with MoM for last 4 week and I am expecting reply from this week mostly. My wife tourist visa is getting expired in 16-Aug-2018.

I am really confused what to do. Should i extend tourist visa? How long it will take for DP to get approved?

Is it ok to do extension while DP request is in progress? or should I hold raising DP and get tourist visa get extended and raise DP?

A DP application can take between a few weeks and several months, similat to a work pass application.
You can try to get your wife's SVP extended at ICA (with the justification that she's waiting for her DP to be approved). There will be no negative impact of this on the DP. But it may be that ICA does not extend (or the extension also expires before the DP is approved), in which case she should return to her home country and wait there for DP approval.

Thanks Beppi for your reply. Can I do both thing in parallel. If i request for extension while DP request is on?

Yes, you can!

Guess what, Raised DP today and approved in just 2 hrs. Thanks to MoM and Thanks to beppi for your encouraging words.


Since my salary revision is in progress and it will take 1 more month to get reflected in my salary, probably as part of september month payroll
Can i bring my wife in social visit Visa till i get my DP.

Whether DP processing will have any impact if my spouse is travelling to singapore in social Visit Pass.
Also please let me Know whether DP will be issued if my spouse is staying in singapore in Social visit pass.

MoM will update their record only when employer send the revised appraisal letter with salary details. Once MoM updates, you can apply your spouse DP through your employer. How much time will take, depends on your employer provides the complete documents.

Now, coming back to your two questions:

1. She can travel under social visit and you can try extend her visit to another 30 days (chances are likely that ICA May approves). During that period, the DP application should get approved.
2. There is no impact on approval process if she is here under social visa.

Good luck

Thank you surya. So there is no risk in getting Dp approved when my spouse is in Singapore on social visit visa..

My situation was also same and brought my wife in social visit pass initially and converted that into DP while she is in Singapore.
Regarding approval time for DP application, if all the data submitted correctly, MoM will approve it quickly. Mine was just took 2 hrs.
All the best.

Thanks for your reply dhina

Had a query,
My company is a global consultancy but just started in Singapore a year back .They raised my EP via a legal firm because as per them they didnt want to take chances if anything goes wrong in documentation amd all.and yes they didnt charge me but now I have to raise Dependent visa they are little hesitant of raising on their own as they havent raised before for Singapore and they again want to do via the vendor legal firm and charge there agent fees which is a lot than actual cost.Is this normal here as in charging DP plus would raising DP be that difficult for a company which hasnt done before.

DP fees per person is around $234, it normally tagged to your EP validity. If your EP has 2yrs validity then DP under you will have same duration validity.

Applying DP is not a lengthy process nor costly. Good luck

I mean company is charging more apart from 234$ as consultancy fee..shouldnt company pay for it or i should pay the charges of agent fee

You should read out what has written in your offer letter with other supporting letters.

I know few consultants ask their employee to pay DP fees. Few of them ask the employee to pay the third person’s DP (e.g. Consultant pays fees for spouse and first child but the employee need to pay for his/her second child and so on).

So, there is nothing wrong or right here.

Note: You can check MoM website to know the fees for a DP application. It may be around $186 - $235, there are some changes in January 2018.

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