Egyptians men marry Filipina women

im here at qatar with my boyfriend egyptians. both are single, and planning to get married, is it possible to marry here in qatar and that marriage or cermony will be honor on both countries, philippine and egypt. what we need ro do.?do you know some egyptians and filipina women whomare succesfully happy with thier married life.?

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Hi, i hope i get an answers. :)

Hi Jhoyiee,
Congratulation, you found the truelove
Regarding marriage, better call your embassy and check with them the official procedure,
Good luck and happy honey moon

i check thru research that phil embassy will not allow egyptians filipina marriage. how about getting married here in qatar, do ypu know some egyptians and filipina getting married here?

All marraige between persons from different culture faces alot of difficulties which appears after marraige which always lead to deforce so in my openion is better to avoid that. Because this kind of marraige is depend on personal interests which will finish when the one get what he wants. So when his job is finish. he will live qatarwhithout telling you and you will stay alone or with your children which will you be responseable about him

You should have singleness certificate.  Then good luck

Hi there!

Assalamu alaykum.I came across your post last year about your future plans/marriage with an Egyptian and I was just wondering how did it go with all the processing of documents?If you don't mind may I ask for advise on what to do,where to go and how you processed everything?We are both Muslims and I am a Filipina as well my fiance is Egyptian.😊 We went to Philippine embassy but sadly they do not facilitate marriage between 2 different nationalities.I would appreciate your help on this..Thank you..

Hi!, just read your comment about a filipina marrying a Muslim man. can i know what are the requirements you prepared? Btw, I am not Muslim . Hope can hear from you soon.Thank you.

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Just inquire requirements to Family Court .

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