Any Malaysians moving to Canada?

Hi guys,

I'm Una, from Malaysia. Currently i'm working as a Recruitment Consultant, has been in the field for more than 3 years now.

I'm looking for a job in Canada, anything related to HR.

Hope anyone of you able to help me..

PS: Is there any Malaysian Community in Canada?


I am Malaysian in Canada moving back to Malaysia. Yes there are Malaysian community here. However not as many as in Aus or UK. Bigger cities have bigger community. Take Toronto or Vancouver for example. However, there are not as many as in Aussie and also they don't commune together as much as Malaysians in UK or Aus. Guess its just the North American culture of being self-dependant.

Hi Phillip,

Thank you for the tips provided to Una above and I am also learning from them.
May I ask what is your reason of moving back here to Malaysia after 8years in Canada?
Your post does not sound like you are not unhappy with the life there.

Thank you.


Hi Una,

Have you settled down in Canada now?
Would you mind to share some tips/info with me on the job posting in Canada? As I'm planning to settle down in Canada too.

I move back because of family.

Malaysia is a really good place to live and work.

Beautiful country , nice people and excellent weather.

and sure family is first choice !!

Hello! I  am Sarvjeet , I am from Muar, Johor. I am coming to Canada on June for studies with my family. Is there anyone in this group from Sydney( cape Breton) Nova Scotia or anyone can provide tips for living there. Many thanks.

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