Methods to learn Mandarin.

How do you learn Mandarin? Do you know any effective methods?

I have taken Mandarin lessons online, it really works for me.

hello, If you want to learn Mandarin, I may help.

Hi Bjforest, thank you for your kind reply. How  can you help me? Do you have any materials or resources?

I'm a native Chinese speaker.

Meet local Chinese, and You will make a lot of mistakes.  That's fine.

Try to talk with someone who is college educated, though.  They will understand what you are TRYING to say, but your accent is too thick. 

Most village folk, and the people from the lower rungs of society won't be able to understand your accent.  They will not be able to understand you at all, and it will be terribly discouraging. I will talk to my AiYe and I will say the most basic phrases, and she just can't get it until I speak the individual words in my clearest voice and get the tone absolutely correct. UGH! So very frustrating.

Thank you for your reply. My accent is not so "thick" as it used to be:), can recognize about 2500 characters, need to get a better understanding of grammar.

good idea, there is a completed learning introduction, I'm sure this will help you.
how to learn Chinese language.

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