Traveling on passport

Assalam o alikum
I just want to know that can i travel on my passport in Saudi arabia? As i am new here and i have 90 days for getting iqama?
Can i travel to jeddah from riyadh?
Anyone knows accurately please guide me

I have heard that 90 days is probation period and i can travel anywhere on my passport?
Guide me please

Airlines can answer this best

Yes, you can travel with your passport around the Kingdom while waiting for your iqama, however you need to obtain a letter from your employer stating you are employed by them and your iqama is in progress.

That's it. You take that letter everywhere with you. It's strange that your company hasn't provided you with a letter. If the police approach you without prove of employment you can be in trouble.

Ask your project manager for a letter of employment with the company stamp.

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