Is using a VPN still a viable method?

I have used numerous VPN's in the past.  Now, however, just about everyone is no longer functional.  Should  give up, or are there still VPN's out there that I can use? Does anyone know of any decent VPN's that still work?

I'm currently using two different VPNs on my iPhone. They are not available on Chinese Apple Store.
From time to time I have to make small adjustments, and it gets slow mostly in the evening.
I'm based in Shanghai and I guess the same applies for the rest of China!

I've been using the same VPN for about four years - not had any major problems.

Look into shadowsocks instead. Far better than “normal” VPN

I use Express VPN, notable for use in China.

I hope this helps.


Sure so far i use with success Hidester VPN not an issue and the integrated proxy to the software is working better than others for web browsing.


I use Express VPN, expensive but reliable.

I also recommend Express VPN, very reliable for both phone internet and computer.

Been here three years. Have always used ExpressVPN. I keep it updated. Always works.

in china i use vpnbaron. you can't do anything online as a westerner without a vpn

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