How to change gender in Birth Certificate in KSA

have got my son birth certificate from Jeddah 7 days ago but gender was written as "female". I immediately inform the officer just after receiving it. He ask me to retain original certificate with me and bring photocopy of birth certificate for filing. I handed over him copy and he informed me to come after 7 days at same time. Today i visited the office again and same person ask me to meet the Manager for the mistake. He said I can't do anything as in system it is locked and no changes are allowed. I can't understand Arabic and he can't understand English, so what ever was communicated I am writing here as per my understanding and need your help about this process. He said a 3 star Askari from Jawazat office will approve your request and send email to Riyadh for approval, once approved we will issue the new certificate. About that 3 star askari, no body knows where he sits in Ahwal Madni, how much time it will take- no idea......... can anyone help me out in this regard? and If anybody knows the alternative methods (agents) please let me know.
Manager confirm me that I don't need to visit Jawazat for this issue.

You shouldn't have left with the wrong printed certificate. You need to be little louder and pointing out like "how can you make a male to female?"
Afterall, you are paying dependents fee and you deserve good service ;) Just kidding up there...
Next time take someone from your office who speaks Arabic. Correction will take seconds and they will hand write on printed certificate and stamp it.

Thanks Dear for your comments. I have visited office again with one of Saudi fellow. They informed us that now system has been changed a bit and no manual entry is allowed. They informed us that they have already sent the request in Riyadh office and its a very common mistake that we are doing on daily basis   :| . Usually they will get reply from Riyadh in 7-15 days, once approved from Riyadh office, system will allow them to change the entries and then they will change the gender in system.
I case of any mistake even by them, we have to follow this procedure.
We have to visit them again (may be again and again) after 7 days to get update.
Hoping for the best now.

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