SELF EMPLOYED APPLICANTS - Require document format

I was in IT business for certain time and now in job again. While submitting my document for ACS, i wanted to show my Self employment. Kindly share the format and document if anyone is having for this. Please suggest..

Self-employment is when you own or run your own business (or company) as an individual or in
partnership. You may or may not employ staff.
Self-employed applicants can submit a formal Self Statutory Declaration containing:
• commencement and completion dates of your self-employment
• the occupation of employment and the capacity in which self-employed
• nature and content of the work you performed
• number of staff employed and their occupations (if applicable).

Please include the following documentation:
• business registration certificates covering each period of self-employment
• a statement on a letterhead from your accountant or legal representative certifying the name
and nature of your business
• Statements from your clients with details of the work performed and dates. These statements
should cover the entirety of the experience claimed.

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