UK to Riyadh - info and help appreciated :)

Hi guys,

So, I am locating to Riyadh for a one-year contract. During this contract, I will be invoicing my employer for payment (who is based in Dubai) and I will be classed as a consultant.

My employer will be directly paying for my accommodation and will provide a small daily expenses allowance, in addition to my salary. They will of course also be organising my visa.

My main concern is around visa / passport issues. Does anyone know what visa-type they are likely to put me on for a year-long contract, and one where I will be invoicing them at their Dubai office?

I do NOT want my passport to be held by them (which I understand is what usually happens if you are a resident) but as I am a consultant and am invoicing them for payment and it is a fixed one-year contract, do you know what the situation is likely to be? Also, if I want to leave for visits back to the UK (which I will be doing a few times during the 12 months)  do I have to get an exit visa from them every time? I will find this tough - I am a professional and I will want the freedom to come and go as I want to do. If I have to get exit visas every time and ask for my passport back then maybe this role is not for me.

And as it is a year-long contract, will there be issues if I do resign early? There is nothing in my contract about my resignation rights at all, but from their side, they say they can terminate the contract early with a month's notice. Should I ask them to clarify what my early resignation rights are and ask that this is added to the contract?

My employer will be a big, global company - I'm not concerned about their systems and intentions - but, on the other hand, I am a huge believer in covering yourself and getting everything in writing beforehand.

Thanks so much in advance :)

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