Looking for 3 months rental KYOTO

Hi to all members of the Japan forum!

My name is Mathilde, I am a French citizen currently living in France after 5 years in Thailand.
With my family (husband and 2 kids) we would love to come to Japan next year for a few months (3 to 4) and would like to stay in Kyoto where our Kids would go to the French school.
We are looking for a mid term rental but it's quite complicated to find websites that are in English and even to understand the whole system in Japan.

Would you guys have any tips or recommendation about where to look? Which websites are fine for expats? is it doable to find a 2/3 bedroom place in the city for 3 months (not more than JPY250,000/300,000)?

Thanks for your help :-)


Hi Mathilde,

Welcome on board  :)

Till members provide you with some feedback, feel free to have a look at the specialised websites indicated in the Accommodation in Kyoto article of the Japan Expat Guide.

All the best,

Thanks for your tip Bhavna, I will look into this more closely.
It seems the options only offer accommodation for one or 2 people though, but I guess this is quite common for Kyoto, hopefully, I'll find something where we can all stay more or less comfortably ;-)


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