ROP Hospital

Hi All
Found this forum few weeks back and must say have really enjoyed reading thru members queries and answers given by other members.
Noticed that some members go miles to help explain process to someone entirely new to the system.
I’m ayub a medic by profession and at the stage of my life looking for new challenge. Found a job in BMJ back in August and applied for three months nothing happened then all of a sudden had an email that an interview is set up for me.
Now, I must say I like to be prepared but could not find any information at all about this brand new ROP Hospital. Interview invitation didn’t give much info either. Have a friend who has worked in Oman for long yime but he is not from Muscat. I’m therefore tapping at expat door to see if someone can fill me in about the hospital.
Ohh interview is in a week time so an earlier response will be appreciated. … :1,lf_ui:2

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