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Hello friends, soon we will be shifting to KL from India. Wanted to know about Global Indian International School. Till now I have seen mixed reviews of this school but those reviews are quite old. Can anyone share about this school , hows it doing now? My kids are 6 yrs and 3 yrs old.
Thank you in advance ☺

Hi Shweta

I dont think you would get very good reviews of the school. The expats coming to KL prefer International school under either British or American curriculum. Though Indian curriculum CBSE is quite extensive however I have heard the dearth of teachers at GIIS. Also upto the extent hat the teachers quit in between the academic year and there is no replacement for upto 5-6 months and it affects the children's academic year studies.

Do your research very thoroughly. Meet he teachers, figure out their level of understanding and teaching, meet the principal, speak to a few students and then finalize.

I moved last month from Delhi, but my children wont be going to GIIS. I have chosen a couple of other International schools and are currently on the waitlist to start from Term 2 in Jan.

Good luck

Hi Gaurav,

I see that you have recently moved to KL and have finalised on few international schools..Even we are moving to KL in Jan and seek admission for our 4yr old son in an international school..Can you please share about the schools that you have finalised..

Appreciate your help!


Hi shweta

Have you shortlisted any schools in KL??


Hi Gaurav, Which school have you shortlisted?

Please advise


I am just relocated to KL , looking for school for my child.
can anyone advise pl about some good schools for Indian child apart from GIIS and Fee structure somewhere close to GIIS.

Any latest reviews on GIIS is welcome

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