Pet Policy in our Compound?


We are moving to Jubail, K.S.A.. We will have accommodations in the compound that houses Bechtel employees. Can anyone tell me if pets are allowed? We have a small, 10 year old house dog.
I cannot find any information on the pet policies in the compound - much less info on the compound itself,
Can anyone give me advice?

Much thanks,

I don't think it will be an issue to have little house dog in the compound @Prairiebelle, but I think you should also give some thoughts on the procedure to bring in dogs into KSA. The procedure is quite lengthy, especially for dogs. Have a look at some of the discussion here.

Yes you can,

Dear Modjo,

Thank you for your informative reply to my question about bringing our dog to Jubail. After reading through the link's messages I believe it is better to let him have a new home here for the last few years of his life.

We (mostly me) will miss him terribly but there are people waiting for a non- rescue Scottish Terrier with no issues from past homes. He will be spoiled rotten, and I will know he is healthy and happy!

Are you also in Jubail? My husband should be there by year's end..."God willing" and myself as soon as we can.

Ron and Holly

Thank you Mr. Adam!

I read through some links from Modjo and think we better let Angus have a good last chapter of his life here in the United States!

Are you in Jubail as well?

Ron and Holly

Hey there Ron and Holly! Yes, I'm in Jubail; came here slightly more than 4 years ago.

I'm sorry that you had to leave him behind. And if he fulfills the requirements (not on the not-allowed breed list, and all the vet requirements are ok) - it is just a matter of paperwork and formalities. It is lengthy, but still doable.

Also if it's any consolation, you could also welcome a new canine furkid once you're settled down here in Jubail. Contrary to common understanding, there are quite a number of people having dogs in their houses here :)

I hope the other arrangements are going smoothly for your transition to Jubail - all the best! Let me know if there's anything I can help with.

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