Freelance contract for an agency - IT business analyst

Dear All,

I have been offered an freelancing position as an Business analyst for an agency to work in Brussels. The contract for limited time 1 year and pays 220€. I am an EU citizen.
I have quite good job in my country, but since I am single I considering this offer as an option to get to know new country and culture.

I would like to know if you have any experience with agencies? Is there something be careful about when signing contract in agency or any threat?

Thank you.

I always worked with agencies without any problems.

Some agencies have difficulties to respect payment due date. But it was only offshore agencies...


So I am a freelancer working in Brussels for a large clothing retailer and I am from the UK. I earn similar to you per hour, but I pay my taxes in the UK. I have an accountant working for me in the UK and I put all my work through my business. Belgian tax is massive so I figure that although I invoice in euros And my salary is converted into uk pounds, I loose in the conversion but I win with tax. I don’t pay health care here as in my experience I’ve been quoted 700 euros every three months and for that I would need to be in the doctors every week ! I have a European EHIC card tied to the NHS in UK for any emergency treatments I need and for any doctors appointments and treatments I go back to the UK. I use the dentists here in Belgium because actually they are cheaper.
I hope this has helped ?


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