Clarifying and comparing methods of renewing visa

I know this subject gets beat to death so I apologize for any redundancy here but I'm getting down to the wire on deciding whether I'm going oto (1) let an agency help me with renewing my TP7, or (2) Do it myself.

I know that letting the agency do it is probably foolproof... but it cost more money. I also understand that many people have successfully completed the process themseles through the online option (Cancelleria....whatever).

I'm the guy that had some help doing the online process last year and had some delays and glitches and wound up not getting a renewed Cedula (in Barranquilla).

Now, based on some information I've gotten from helpful forum members here, I understand that I should not have that Cedula problem if I try it again. But...

Now I'm trying to visualize how I would get my new visa, i.e. the one that's glued into my passport. I remember that last year I sent my passport, with Power of Attorney, to a lady-friend of mine in Bogota and she took it down to Immigration in Bogota and got my new visa glued into it. So...

Do I have to do that again?

I don't want the hassle and expense of going to Bogota so if I use the online does my new visa get into my passport? Or do they send it to me and I glue it in myslef. Or does Migration here in Medellin do it? Or can I courier my passport to Immigration.....or what?

I'm just looking for the cheapest way to get it done.

Thanks in Advance,

p.s. I'm glad this next visa should be for 3 years instead of one. One year goes by pretty fast.

Hi, you are lucky to have a friend in Bogota to help you, doing the process online is definitely the way to go, in my case I had to fly down to Bogota spend ten minutes in the Office whilst they afixed the visa in my passport, passed a couple of hours, and then flew home, it is a cost I could have done without, but still cheaper than using an Agency.

However all you would have to do immediately you receive the online confirmation the Visa has been issued, is courier your passport down to your friend , she gets the visa put in the passport and Couriers it back to you, job done...Oh to have a friend in Bogota, fortunately I don't need that now for another four and a half years!

Hi, I was wondering how your process of renewing your TP7 went at the end of 2017 given the changes last year in the visa categorisations. I'm looking at what was the TP7 for independent activities trying to work out which current visa it maps to now, and the requirements. Did you have to change to a different visa type?

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