Finding work Lyon

Am moving to Lyon from northern France ,where I do gite cleaning and  house keeping , dos anyone have any ideas , where I might find work like this , or child minding ,
I have a degree in Heath and social care , but I am finding I hard especially as my French is not that good , any help would be most welcome

Hi Gina,

Have you registered with Pôle Emploi? That's where I would start. I am pretty much in the same boat as you, only I have put off searching for work at this time because I need to focus on learning French. It really is difficult to make true progress in Lyon without knowing the language.

Hi thank you for that I'll look into it ,I know my French isn't that good ,

Hi gays, Im form the Netherlands and I moved recently to Lyon. I would like to meet new people and share experiences about life in Lyon.

As for your degree, I'd suggestyou become a bit more active on LinkedIn.

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