Just putting myself out there in this big city

I would Like To meet Some Like Minded Expats To Have A Few Drinks, Share Ideas, Advice, Languages, Usual Socializing Stuff! :) So Far After 3 Months In Istanbul I Know almost no one. I Would Like To Get To Know More People

So If Theres Anyone Else Out There Who Would Like to do the same,
we can agree upon something And Maybe Organize A Time?

Hoping to see you Soon,


Hello :)
I am a 26 years old interior architect living in istanbul since 2 years ago.
Actually I know only my work colleagues and all of them are older than me so I spend most weekends alone :)
Really looking to find new people and make new friends so we can attend events or do activities together
Also I've visited maybe all parts of istanbul so I know many beautiful places in istanbul
See ya :)

lets have fun , r u ok ?

hi Arifa how are you doing_? and  could we meet up if its possible?

hello ,
how are you doing ? we can meet each other and be friends .
feel free and write back to me

Thats very nice of you.. hope you are well.

I am in the same situation and going crazy from boredom. You can see the post I posted like you. Let me know if you want to go for tea :)

I am living in North Cyprus. PM me

Hey Arifa,

I'm living in the European-side, I'll be glad to meet :) !


Heyyy... Sure we can meet up someday. whenever its feasible. :)
Have a nice day.

I will message you then!

hello, looking for english speaking friends to hangout in istanbul.

Im from Iran and I will be Istanbul at 20 may.This is my first visit and i only talk english.im a music producer and sound designer.i will be glad if there is someone to be together.

hI, mehran you are there for work or holidays in istanbul!!

Welcome Arifa,
I hope you have a great time in the city ;)


hey, I'm up for meeting up and getting drinks ^^ just send me a message xx

hello everybody:)

Do you still in istanbul?

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