Re-new residency visa

I am dreading to go through this again!!! Two years ago we were running about to get all the necessary documents, made the appointment,  fronted up after waiting for hours, of course THAN!!!-----I was told all those papers was un-necessary and I can not have the permit as I do not have a tax No.!!!! Oh boy!! Did I chuck a hysterical crying fit!! The poor young man had a fright and finally said it is OK, he will renew it and he did in deed. Husband had no problem, got his through YOK. Why they don't arrange one for the wife? who knows.
So I will have to do the whole thing again and we don't even know if the procedura is the same or changed again, there is no clear instruction on the web and our HR people have no idea either. Nice one!!!!
Is there anybody out there who knows PLEASE?

We need e randevu consulting offices set by the government in public squares like eminonu and taksim to tell us what we exactly need and to help new arrivals set appointments without errors and give us proper advice.We can pay them but we are sure all information is 100% correct.For  when we first arrive we have no internet or PC.
An error made by one of the offices made us make 2nd randevu ....and when we made the third one the amniyat informed my daughter her papers can't be done and she must go back to her country and come again on different visa.......long costly story.admission offices in some places have no idea about permit rules.
Universities also stopped helping students do the randevu and get permit to them on campus like two years ago .Now student worry about renewing or making new permit id new on land, and go for outside offices to renew so they can study for exams and not waist sessions.
One of my daughters is facing a problem now with this office that took her appointment and filed it as new permit not renew.We told our him cancel the appointment he said ok ,we discovered yesterday that he didn't when she called 157 he told you missed your appointment yesterday and you must come to Amniyat.she left her classes to try to fix things up...............
We really need public offices in meydane.

Exactly what I am talking about. Nobody seems to know the new rules so how can we comply???
Hope your daughter was successful and good luck with her studies!

Now my daughter called me and the people there in Amniyat are helping her with her resident permit after clarifying things to them I hope all will be fine.

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