UK Expat wants to move business and relocate to Ho Chi Minh

Hello My first post, please be kind!

1. Can I run my uk registered business from Ho Chi Minh? I just need a laptop, desk, but is it legal to do that?
2. What’s the. ISA situation for somebody from the uk wanting to do that?
3. Any website that can be trusted for property rental?
4. Best location/supplier of internet and what speeds and reliability can be expected in Ho Chi Minh?

Hello Yens123,

Wellcome on

I started, like you, a couple of weeks ago.

1. I don't know and I would suggest you get in touch with UK lawyers present in Vietnam. Just ask the British Embassy in Saigon.
2. About ISA, you might want to tell us more about ISA, as, many of us, will need these details to understand your request better.
3. Well, property rental or investment look as the "Far East Adventure" to me. This is my first impression following a one week properties' visits in Saigon. Good luck and look at all the posts on this topic on, much interesting informations.
4. I don't know the details, but, for sure, the Vietnamese Business Community is rather on the high tech side of things on this topic.

Have fun.

Hi Yen123

   For your question doing a UK registered business here will not be a problem as long as you work at your rented home here, if you want to hire someone then maybe you have to register your business also here as it is not that expensive also,
    For ISA it's not a problem you can open any account here, just choose a bank that is suitable for you.
    For property Rental, what do you plan to rent and how much is your budget for it? do you want to rent an office also or only an Apartment where you can do your work too? you can also rent a house and make it as your office too, i know many of businessman here doing that
    Internet here is fast too, you can choose from Mobifone, Viettel, Vinaphone, they have also some packages internet for it.

Don't know much regarding any of the others but with the ISA you need to do the following (taken from the website)

If you open an Individual Savings Account ( ISA ) in the UK and then move abroad, you can't put money into it after the tax year that you move (unless you're a Crown employee working overseas or their spouse or civil partner). You must tell your ISA provider as soon as you stop being a UK resident.

Hello Yens123

You can work here and hire Vietnamese staff without any trouble as long as you pay the salary, But if you need to open Company bank account then you need regal registration in Vietnam, or you can use your UK BR to register as a Branch office in Vietnam, The procedure I do not know.  Best of luck with your plan.

Vietnam is getting developing country and you can get anywhere the internet connection as depends on your requirement.

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