Passport Renewal

Hello everyone,
I would like to know about passport renewal. My Spass application was approved by MOM last week. My problem is that there are only 8 months remaining my passport to expire. So I went to our embassy and extended my passport. Now I have got new passport with new nuber. My spass was approved but  my new job havent submit my card registration process. How can I update my new passport number?
As I know is MOM will approve the stay same as my passport lifetime. I am worried for that. Pls give me some advice. Thanks :(

If you have SingPass account then log in and change the details.

Or visit ICA at Lavender in person with your new passport.

Will MOM record my update passport number in their database after changing through my singpass account? Thanks :-)

Not MoM - ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority) is in charge of these things.

Thanks for your reply. What I want to know is after updating my new passport through , can I pass immirgration at the airport by scanning my new passport? I think they will also update that right? My problem is that I am going back my country before I join new job. So I wont have any spass card during these period. Thanks.

It will take sometime to update. So, high possibility that you may go through normal check instead of auto machine. But, you may try first using automatic check.

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