Can i go back to my country with expired permesso and without recivuta

Hai, i just want to asking and know some of your experiences

Im student in milan and i have my permesso but my permesso expired a month ago

I should to renew  but now I decided to do not because financial problems
So can i go back with my country?

If i go back to my country can i back again as a turis? With a new visa?

Hi Reand008

If the permesso di soggiorno is expired, anyway you need to leave Italy.
Once you are back in your country, if you want to come back to Italy as a tourist, I think you need to wait at least 6 months (applies Schengen rules) to enter, or you go to your embassy and get new visa to come back. You will need to go through permesso di soggiorno process from the scratch.

without receipt you can't come back to italy

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