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Hello everyone, My name is Robier and I am from Egypt. I had traveled to Russia before 4 times and to difference cities there, and always had a dream of learning Russian language there and while I'm doing that, I want to operate my Shisha "Hookah" club there, will it that be possible for a foreigner to rent a place and start that project normally?! or should I have Russian partner with me to facilitate that? Thanks for you support.

Hello robust, it's my 4th time in russia too. I planing to start business too. If you like we both can talk and plan for business option in moscow. My whatsapp is ***I am trying learning Russian too. Otherwise it's impossible to work without knowing their language.

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There are various forms of running projects in Russia. The easiest form is to become founder/co-founder or investor. If you want to run it solely by yourself it will be more difficult as you will have to obtain more official documents and permits. But in any case you will need an advice of local lawyer and accountant.

Okay, thanks a lot for your advice, actually yes I want to be the founder of the project from A to Z and normally speaking I have to get help from a lawyer there. I think after knowing exactly what will be needed to operate that, the decision of being alone or with Russian partner will be clear.

Do far I heard need to build OOO company. Ape forighners can't build.
In OOO managing director will be Russian and general director will be one who investing money. But most powerful position is MD. There is one more option my accountant told me. If I have work permit then I can make my own company and can be MD by myself.

Other way make a company with Russian MD and that Russian MD invite you on work permit you on that company behalf and then you can change MD and make yourself MD.

So far this much knowledge I gain. Coz I also planing to invest money and Bussiness in russia too. Best wishes for you.

Sounds plausible. Both of ways have their own costs, however.
Also you have to know that all official (numerous) accounting papers used for tax control purposes are to be made in Russian. And you ought to sign most of them. Sometimes, due to lack of time it will be a matter of trust. So accountant is a VIP in your case.

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