QUESTION regarding French classes for foreigners IN FRANCE

Hello! My name is Caitlin and I recently moved to France (Chartres).

I will only be here for 3 months and I was wondering if France offers French classes for foreigners who wish to learn the language. I will be back in France again sometime next year once my fiance and I work out my visa, but I would like to start formal French classes because using apps and watching French movies aren't enough haha.

If anyone has advice regarding such information please feel free to message me.

Thank you!

Hi Caitlin,
You could try asking at your tourist office (most have an English speaker). I also see that GRETA had a branch in Chartres - they're worth a try, but you may have to go with an interpreter at first just to find out what you need.
You can check for an Alliance française (but their methods are inconsistent - you might have a good branch)
Good luck!

Thanks so much for your response! I'll definitely check it out. Have a good evening (:

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