From Germany to Kenya .School😊

I will be moving to Kenya in December, with my 5 year old daughter.My daughter only speaks German and I would like her to join pre-school in January..I have checked the German School in Nairobi but it’s a bit pricy for us at the moment..
I would love to know..are their any Germans who moved to Kenya and took their children to English speaking Kindergartens?
How did that go? Did they have difficulties.
I have checked out this Kenyan schools and they are not as expensive

Or does anyone know of another German speaking Kindergarten or at least where the teachers kann speak German

Thank you

Hi, not the I would know of, as far as I am concerned the German school is the only bilingual school. Bin aber ueberzeugt dass die kleine schnell Englisch lernen wird und sich anpassen wird und eventuell dann auch deutsch sprechende Kameradinnen kennenlernt. In welchem Gebiet von Nairobi zuegelt ihr denn? und warum Kenya?
Lieber Gruss

Servus Mick45,
I will be having a Projekt in Kenia.(Self employed)
We have not yet chosen where we will be living,I wanted to get the Schule first..Then I will look for an Appartment somewhere near the school/Kindergarten..
Where can one meet other German speaking children?
I will come in December alone then she will join me in January.
Ich habe nur Angst that my daughter will hate Kindergarten when she can’t understand what the other kids are saying..
Fühle mich total überfordert..

Hi everyone,

@Mick45, note this is an english forum could you please post in english only to ensure that everyone can understand your messages.

Thank you


This is going to be tricky, but surely you will get more german speaking kids in the vicinity of Runda, where the German School is based, it is an expensive area for renting flats.
But hey i think you make yourself more worries than really necessary, kids are very intuitive and will pick up their own communication easily!!
All the Best.

Unfortunately the German School in Runda is the only option.  If its too expensive, also consider that Runda/Gigiri are one of the more expensive areas of Nairobi in which to live.............and Nairobi isn't a cheap city.

Any international school will be considerably more costly than a Kenyan system school.  Bear in mind that at a Kenyan school, there will be teaching in English & Kiswahili.

We sent our granddaughter from a British system school to a Kenyan school where they exclusively spoke Swahili on at least two days a week.  She couldn't speak Swahili when she joined, but quickly learned.  Children are adaptable and quickly learn languages.  In the time before she starts, you could teach her the English basics, so that she can ask for a drink, food, toilet.

By the way, if you are going to be self employed; have you familiarised yourself with the regulations around registering companies, NGO's and the work permit requirements for those?  Its not necessarily simple!

Hi Passaurin, perharps you can get your child at Germany school on limuru rd near  UN headquarters opposite Village Market ,its starts from kindergarten to college level where your chind would be able  to leard English and a native kenyan language, swahili  as an option,have a look at their website and   u will know something or perharps there are very many international schools at nairobi like hill crest ,braeburn,brookhouse school,potterhouse  runda and international school of kenya(I S K) and many more where they are taught English and other foreign languages but  they will depend on  where u will be living at nairobi,good day

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