Private health insurance


Sorry, I know this topic might have been here a million times. However, this is a special case and I guess I need special information from someone who lives in Romania and knows how health insurance in Romania works.

I know there is a public and a private health insurance. From what I understand, if you'll work for a multinational, you get health insurance from them. But this is not the case.

Here in The Netherlands, I am used to paying private health insurance. I pay around 170 EUR a month, so I am used to paying a lot to health insurance. I have my own small business and I am planning to work for myself in any country I'd like.

So, here is the special thing: I have a lot of problems with my ears. The Romanian climate is perfect for me. The climate in the Netherlands is not stable enough, so I have a lot of ear pains every year. I am planning to maybe move to the country I love so much; Romania. Maybe in Bucharest or Cluj-Napoca.

My question: is there some kind of 'private health insurance' that will cover costs such as: visiting a GP, visiting a specialist at the hospital and eventually, surgeries? Of course I am willing to pay much every month for the health insurance just as I do now in the Netherlands. If I'd have to pay all the surgeries (at least one a year myself), I'd be bankrupt in some years :-)))

Who knows how this works in Romania, and what kind of companies offer this?

Thank you,

When I got mine I chose the minimum with the highest deductible. As it was explained to me the sky was the limit, if I chose the proper policy. So, No problems.

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