Lets go together to seminar 19 of November

Guys! next Sunday in Taksim seminar by Tony Robbins's strategies
British speacker, Tony Robbins's partner coming Allan Kleynhans
Subject - Triad "focus-language-physiology"
How to apply it to achieve better results.
Business Analysis, identification of its arears of growth. Effective communication guarantees you healthy and positive relationship.
Who want to join?

I would like to join. Could you send me message about detail adress etc Thanks.

I want but how we can join the seminar. Can u send me the details

I want to join .If it is possible

http://allan-in-turkey.com/index_en.html sorry i didnt post the link)

no affiliate links please, site has a specific page for ads

Hi everyone,

@Kate2017kate, feel free to list this event in our dedicated events section :
- Events in Istanbul

Thank you


yes i want to join it

Hi everyone,

For all those interested, you'll find more details about the event here : https://www.expat.com/en/events/middle- … -stra.html


:( ÷ I am in ankara.

I'm in for the seminar.. let's go together


Hi there.

i terribly feel to miss such an important event.

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