Belgium work permit process

Hello Everyone,

I'm from India - Mumbai and plan to move to Belgium with my spouse and kid. I've secured a job offer from my own company however the offer is to join one of its subsidiary in Brussels.
Which basically means that I would have to resign from my current job in India and join their subsidiary company.

I've read many posts from this site to prepare and plan and will first start with small set of questions:

General Question:
Full step by step process from PCC, Medical certificate, work permit, D-Visa to landing in Belgium would be great, any existing link?

1. Creating an account on Visa application for Belgium site, is this the first step? (
And do I have to create an account each for me, my spouse and my kid (Kid won't have email address)?

2. For PCC I understand the process, but is there a way to do it in a single login for entire family (Me, spouse and kid)?
Reason is that they ask for account creation with email address, telephone number, signature etc. which my 4 year old kid obviously can't provide. The unique login Id itself is based on mobile number, how would I do it for my 4 year kid?
Do I need to get PCC for all or just me (PCC required for 4 year kid as well)?

3. I read an article about work permit exemptions for certain category of foreign workers (outside EU), workers who hold a non-management but supervisory senior positions with higher salary band etc. More information is on the below link as well as on a pdf file in Dutch language.

Please look at Article 2.12 and Article 2.33 in the pdf file.

Does this apply to even people from India if they meet certain criteria?
What are those criteria exactly?
What is the meaning of work permit exemption?

4. Birth Certificate: Confused after reading a lot of posts regarding Apostille.

So I get that the Apostille should be fresh, not older than 6 months however do I need to re-issue the Birth Certificate also as the issue date ideally would be many decades old.

5. I can get my educational degree apostilled but do I need to get the same for my spouse?

Thank you in advance for all your help.

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