Questions regarding the moving process

Hello, my name is Peggy. I am from the US and am getting a job offer in Rwanda to start the last week of January. I am glad to be a part of this community! I have questions regarding the moving process I hope someone can help me with:
-Which air or boat moving companies can I use to move? I don’t intend to bring furniture but I’d like to have a start (cookware, books, extra clothes that won’t fit in 2 suitcases, etc.). So I’m estimating about 6-8 boxes.
-Is there such thing as short-term housing (2weeks) before finding a permanent place? Or should I plan to find a place to live before I get there?

I’m sure I’ll have more questions! Thanks for all who are willing to help!

Hi pnaomiw82,

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Hello pnaomiw82

I'm Rwandan and I would like to help u by recommending u to use Quatar airline and about the house I can look one for u before u come because it is the best way otherwise u can rent a hotel room while u are waiting to get a permanent house, about home appliances I can make a good deal for u coz I used to sell kitchen equipment and home appliances online.
Thank u

Helo, you are gladly welcome, Please get in touch with me at ***

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