Employment Pass issue


Would like to check with you all,  previously I have accepted an offer from Company A with the salary of 3.6k and they have submitted the application for employment pass on 24th Oct.

Subsequently, I have changed my mind on that due to I have another offer from Company B which is 4.5k.

The Employment pass status for the Company A approved on 7 Nov and because of I changed my mind they have withdrawn it on 8th Nov.

Then the problem, for now, will it cause any issue for the Company B to apply the Employment Pass for me?

MoM does not like job-hoppers. Once will probably not have much impact, but you should not change job again for the next two years or so.

Thanks for your reply. =) hope everything goes smooth and well because this is my first time working in SG.

wow, I really appretiate you and your salary for your first time job in Singapore. Cheers :)

Thank you :) hopefully, I can get the employment pass approval soon.

Did you get your EP approved?

Ya.. approved and start working now dy =)

Hey, can I know what are the chances of a big4 auditor's EP getting approved on the 2nd try ?

The first EP application was rejected with no reasons given. The co is reapplying for the 2nd time... From what I heard, it's quite rare for an auditor's EP to get rejected, no?

If the application is exactly the same, the answer is clear: It will be rejected, as MoM applies the same criteria again.
Normally, re-application after rejection is not allowed. So I assume your company did something differently. But what?
A new and different application (e.g. with different job description, better justification for hiring a foreigner) would be assessed on its own merit and could have a different result - but without any more details we cannot tell you whether it'll be more positive.

I see. Thanks for replying.

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