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I have been contacted from a Hospital for a position of medical representative. They claimed that they found me on Naukrigulf, asked me to answer few questions and send them my update CV. I sent them my details, then I received an offer from them without having any interview. I called the land line number which was mentioned on their email and spoke with a guy. I tried to ask him a few questions regarding my position, told him that Im confused, how it is possible to be selected without any interview! He tried to avoid the conversation and asked me to send him an email with all my concerns. I sent him an email on which he replayed that it is not necessary for an interview as I have experience and skills they need. Then I was asked to contact another company for my visa and pay the visa process. They told me that once I send them an email, the company will reimburse me the money within 5 working days.

The offer was to good to be true, same as been selected without having any interview, so I knew it is a scam but decided to go further and see the end of the story. I contacted the guy for issuing uae Residence visa and asked him to explain me what will be the further action. He asked me to send him 1800USD for the visa and to send the money by AL ANSARI,XPRESS MONEY,WESTERN UNION OR MONEYGRAM TRANSFER To the bellow person:
Receiver Name:..............***

Receiver Country:........UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Of course I didnt but I continued the game and asked them to send me their company account details on letter head with their signature and stump. They were insisting and explaining that the visa shall be processed as soon as possible so sending the money via western union is the best option.

Btw Im still in contact, just because Im curious to see how far they can go 😂 but they will not get money from me either way 😜

Take care guys, these people are real professionals as they have made websites, logos and everything what one company needs just to steal some money.

Greetings from Qatar.

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ohhh...really. such a cunning process. I have a same experience when i search foreign job opportunities & i received a mail that I selected for US family as an administration assistant position. we share lots of email regarding my job position & finally they askd to pay half of cost to my visa that 250 USD. so at this moment i asked them to send me their official detail ,ID,Passport detail, Contact number,Address to check from my country's US embassy to secure for both parties before i pay my contribution of visa.
after i asking their detail they more email...

so beware friend.these kind of people everywhere. you do not pay anything until you confirmed in legal way that you in the correct process of job recruitment.

SCAM SCAM SCAM anything which calls for asking money in advance should ring bells and is a red flag !!

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