What shocked or surprised you when you moved to the uk?

Dear Lithuanian expats,

I'm writing a novel and I need your help!

One of the characters is young woman who has moved from Lithuania to the uk to work.
I've read a lot about Lithuania, food, customs, online, but what would really help me would be to know how life in the uk is different from Lithuania? Was there anything that shocked or surprised you when you moved here? Did anything disappoint you or please you? Did anything give you culture shock?

Are there specific foods (or brands of food) you can't get here? are meals different? what about cigarettes, alcohol? i know things are more expensive, but is there anything *super* expensive?

How are the people different? how we behave, dress, the things we say?

How is tv different. I'm sure most of the tv shows are different :-) but, is there any *kinds* of tv shows that we don't have here? (or vice versa)

Are the things we do in our spare time different?

What about the weather or the scenery?

Really *anything* that you have noticed, or that my character would have noticed would be helpful.

If you have any questions about the character, I can answer.

Thank you for reading!!


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