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Hi, anyone have an experience to withdraw appealing process? and how long does it take usually?

I have a case where I apply in company A and they have been applied SPASS for me. 2 weeks later, the results is come out with the rejection letter. However, immediately I decided to take another offer from company B. And somehow, couple of days after rejection have been issued, company A come back to me and said that they have tried to appeal for my rejected application and already sent the appeal to the MOM.

Because I've already accept the offer from company B, I said to company A that I've take an offer from company B and request company A to withdraw the appeal. The company A understand my decision and come back to me said that they already do iSubmit to MOM to cancel the appeal process. But somehow, after almost two weeks, when company B tried to put my application to the MOM system they said they couldn't do that because my status is still in the appeal process.

Do you think I should contact MOM to clear the appeal process so company B can put my application into the system, or should I just wait couple of days? Anyone have this similar experience before?


You should reach out company A request them to reach out MoM to close their appeal (inform Company A that appeal is still appearing active). Once it is confirmed then only company B can apply. There is no choice other than to wait. You can’t request MoM to clear appeal process because you are not the person who had applied and later appeal on rejection. Good luck

Sorry Surya, but I have heard of cases where MoM cancels an EP application after the employee contacted them and submitted proof that he/she terminated the employment contract, but the employer "forgot" to withdraw the work pass application (which by right they must do immediately).
So if employer A did not withdraw, you can contact MoM with your resignation letter. And even if the problem lies with long processing time within MoM (which is rare, but errors do happen), it may be a good idea to contact them and ask.

Agreed Beppi. My earlier suggestion was an example where this year one known person to me had similar issue. He contacted his ex employer and they checked the MoM site using their employer Singpass account and rectified it, as earlier it was not successfully cancelled.

Yes, going through employer A is certainly preferable - if it works.

Hi I am Also now in Same Position Now.
Employer A 1st EP application  Rejected - Then Appealed -waited for 2-3 weeks No update from MOM
Employer A applies fresh 2nd EP application - Again Rejected - Now Appealed - Still Status show rejected. Waiting Now meanwhile My Current Client Which is Singapore Local Organization(Employer B) want to convert me on there Payroll So i can Employer B apply for EP since the application is in rejection Status
How to verify that the Appeal is not in progress and if MOm is not taking any action then How to remove appeal or EP application for  employer A so that Employer B can be able apply without any issue.

Infoseccerts: The first EP (and appeal) was submitted by company A, so only they can check its status and withdraw it.

Thanks Beppi for your Quick response. If the appeal is still in the rejected state then can i assume that its not yet considered by MOM...if in case MOM want to consider the appeal then the status change to Pending state...

Also What if Employer A is not responding on time and not Withdrawing....How to confirm if the Appeal is withdrawn...any chance to check from EP portal status.
What status will show on EP portal after EP appeal Get Withdraw.... can I contact MOM to Withdraw the Employer A appeal.

It will remain "rejected" all the while. Only the employer can check or withdraw.

Which mail to contact the MOM through?

Check the „Contact Us“ section of their webpage!

It has been more than a month since the former company has applied for (or at least said that they allowed for) the withdrawal of my EPass. I am concerned regarding the withdrawal processing time as my current contract is nearing completion. The status still has not changed. Can someone advice me on what I can do??

Sagar Krishna: Withdrawal of an application is very quick - at most a few days.
The employer should contact MoM to find out what went wrong!

@beppi as per your advice earlier I had contacted mom through mail. They denied to reveal any information and asked me to contact employer directly. MOM mentioned some rare cases may take more than three weeks to process as well.

From the employer side, they are saying that MOM may take long time maybe due to pandemic so withdrawal getting delayed.

Don’t know what to do now, as my current job is near king it’s termination and I have no way of applying for a pass though I have offer.

Any solution appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Sagar Krishna: There must be a misunderstaning with MoM. Processing an application might take that long, but not withdrawal, which is almost immediate.
But there is no other solution than withdrawal of the application before a new one can be submitted.
The employer should contact MoM to find out what went wrong!

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