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Hi all,
I'm planning a move to Singapore soon and want to know what items are generally included in a condo.  I won't be choosing a place until I'm there as my employer will provide a month of accommodation for me first to get settled and start looking.  I don't want to bring a fridge or washing machine, then find that they are not needed at all.

So what appliances are 'included' in a condo?
Washing Machine?

I know that all will be air conditioned, but fans are also helpful at times.  Do they tend to have fans in the bedrooms, or do air conditioners there have a 'fan' only mode that does the job when you just want a bit of a breeze.

If both aren't included, do the places generally fit any size fridge or washing machine, or are they often limited?

In one line answer, you absolutely no need to bring anything. Bring yourself, you will get everything what commonly required for a family to live in a house. Most of condo are fully furnished.

A suggestion, please go through our Singapore forum which we have already provided most of the information required for an expat to know before his or her arrival to this city based country. Have a pleasant stay.

You can find any kind, from barebones empty (not all Condos have aircon!) to luxury furnished. But Surya is right that most places are fully equipped. In addition, everything is negotiable (especially at the costlier end of the market).

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